How do I use PriceCheck?

How do I as a Nigerian online shopper use PriceCheck?

1. Search
Searching for products on PriceCheck is really easy. Simply put the search term/s into the search bar and press go. Our technology or secret sauce will then provide you with the most relevant results for your search terms.

1.1 Enter the search term

1.2 After the result is generated, click on the product title or image to go to the product page. Read the description and then make a decision to buy the item at the respective online shop or go back to the search bar for another search.

1.3 If the search term needs to be tweaked to your desired result, use the filters on the left hand side of the page. By selecting a filter, you will narrow down your results. Use the filters to narrow your search within your budget range.

2. Browse
On the home page is a list of categories which you can click to ensure that you can see only a selection of the catalog available on PriceCheck. So for example with fashion and accessories you can select that and then on the next page you can go into more detail that is relevant to you.

3. Mobile
You can view PriceCheck on your mobile device by either entering into your cell phone’s browser and then depending on the browser found on your device, you will be redirected to On the mobi website you can search and when you find that product that you desire, you can email that page to yourself. Tip: on most smartphones, you can save it as item on your home screen and then it becomes a web icon. Click on the web icon and it opens a browser window on your phone. It’s that easy. PriceCheck is in your pocket wherever you travel in Nigeria.

If you need further assistance, browse our Frequently asked questions which should potentially solve your needs.