How to write a shop review

Online shopping is done in front of your computer and has little or no human interaction. So reading reviews on a shop or product prior to purchasing becomes rather important.

PriceCheck provides a very easy process to write reviews for online shops:

Go to and look for the particular online shop which you want to review. Click on its logo.

At the shop page, you will see three red tabs (Offers, Shop Details, Ratings and Reviews). Click on the Ratings and Review tab , which is the last tab on the right hand side.

After you select it,  there is a red tab to the left hand side of the screen; “Add your own review”, click on it. A pop up window will then appear which needs to be completed. Either Sign in or create a new profile on PriceCheck (don’t worry we won’t spam you with emails).

After you have signed in,  click on the “Add your own review” again and a new pop up window will appear with the title “User review”. Complete all the various parts of the shop review. When completed, click on the “submit review” button on the bottom of the review window. Your review will then be moderated by a PriceCheck team member and then be seen by other online shoppers on PriceCheck.