TECNO – it is not music

BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung and Nokia are all global brands. Ask anyone in Lagos or Abuja and I am sure they will be able to provide you with an answer if you asked them about these brands. However there is a mobile phone brand that is making waves in Africa and is widely seen in Nigeria and that it’s called TECNO. Ask anyone outside Kenya and Nigeria about TECNO and you might hear about music called Techno but not about the powerhouse that is TECNO.

TECNO was founded in Hong Kong in 2006. The company describes itself as:

A comprehensive mobile phone manufacturer that specializes in research & development, manufacturing, sales and service. With years of development, it has now become one of the major mobile phone suppliers in the world and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China.

In 2008 TECNO changed its strategy to focus fully on Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana) and has become one of the dominant mobile devices in Nigeria. It is one of the few manufacturers to create dual sim mobile phones for users to be able to switch between networks.

TECNO  is a silent giant who makes great phones. It is not a type of music but rather a giant of a company that has millions of users all across Africa..