The first mobile call..

The first call made from a cellphone happened in 1973 and it is amazing to think that within the 40 years that this device has been in our lives, it has become part of our identity.

Can you imagine how different the world would be if we removed the cellphone from our daily life? There would be a lot of meeting rescheduling and many unhappy shoppers. A large majority of the population would not be able to communicate nor be able to have an idea what is happening in the news. Have you not seen people next to you in a grocery store calling their wife or partner and asking if they need groceries!

The point is that in 40 years, the cellphone  we know today is not the same device as seen in the 70’s. The first cellphones had one purpose and only one function and that was to make calls. Today, the cellphone is a multi purpose device that can take photos, make notes on a notepad, send text messages and much more.

In the 40 years since the first call we have seen the device change from being heavy and completely unusable to an engineering masterpiece. A cellphone today contains technology which most probably did not even exist in the 70’s. So what will the next 40 years contain for the cellphone?