Lenovo launches first smartphone in Africa

It is impossible to try and discuss mobile phone  usage in Africa without thinking of Nigeria. The country has the largest cellphone market on the continent, with 170 million registered mobile phone subscribers and roughly 32 million of those users accessing the web over mobile networks. It comes as little surprise, that Lenovo would opt to launch their smartphones in Nigeria.

Some might argue that South Africa, with the largest economy should have been the obvious choice for Lenovo to launch their smartphone. However, South Africa already has Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and Sony (amongst others) dominating the smartphone market. Lenovo would have to compete with huge marketing budgets to get any market share. In Nigeria, brand / user cohesiveness is not as big as it is in South Africa, and users have a variety of phone brands to choose from, so Lenovo stands a fair chance.

Lenovo has confirmed that the smartphone will be launched before the end of the year, with the intention of competing with brands like Samsung, TECNO, BlackBerry and Nokia. No product specifications have been released yet; but keep an eye on the PriceCheck blog for more information.

It’s always exciting to see huge brands like Lenovo investing in Africa. Watching how Lenovo fits into the Nigerian mobile market over the next couple of months will definitely be interesting.