Our favourite smartphone apps

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876,  he never dreamed that his simple invention would be influential in every era. One can liken the evolution of the telephone to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The telephone gave birth to the cordless phone, car phone, the cellphone and now the smartphone.

To use your smartphone optimally, it needs to be equipped with the right kind of resources. One such resource being the mobile applications you use on the phone. Not to worry if you’re a new smarphone user, we have profiled four of our favourite apps below:

        1.       Google Maps

You want to get home but you don’t want to sit through Lagos traffic. Why not simply look for an alternative route with Google Maps? This app is available through the Google Play Store, the App Store, Nokia Store and BlackBerry World.

Some of the devices this app is compatible with: Tecno D3, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S4,  iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10.

        2.       WeChat

Sometimes you just want to text and text and text again. This is the perfect app – it allows you to chat to people you have approved. The Leo Messi endorsement is a bonus for soccer fans.

Some of the devices this app is compatible with: BlackBerry Q10, Nokia Lumia 820, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Tecno M3.

      3.        Facebook

Where would we be without Mark Zuckerberg’s brain child? Twiddling our thumbs of course. This app keeps you updated on all your friends’ activities and ensures you never miss out.

Some of the devices this app is compatible with: iPhone 4S, BlackBerry 9900 Bold, Tecno D5 and HTC One.

      4.        LinkedIn

Wanting to network with the people in your field? Looking for a job? LinkedIn lets you put together a digital CV for recruiters to sift through.

Some of the devices this app is compatible with: Tecno L3, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Nokia Lumia 800


Keep an eye out for the PriceCheck mobile app coming soon.