A Taste Adventure

Nigeria is blessed with more than just natural resources like oil. It’s also home to some wonderful food reserves and local cuisine. It has a population of one hundred and sixty million (160,000,000) people and over five hundred languages from over two hundred ethnic groups scattered around the country.

Nigerian dishes are loved by all who have the courage to try them. For travellers and non-nationals it is an experience that you never forget, because once you take the first bite you simply can’t stop savouring the delectable dishes.

The variety in cuisine is highly influenced by location and ranges from Tuwo Shinkafa in the North, to Amala and Iyan (pounded yam) in the west. In the South West it is Edikan-dikong while travellers will find Fufu in the East. Nigeria is also known as the “food basket of Africa”.

The reason for the large variety in foods and dishes is due to the country’s immense ethnic diversity. Food is a major part of Nigerian culture and tradition is as evident when one considers there are tribes which celebrate Food festivals, like the New yam Festival in the East, Arugungu Fishing Festival In The North and the Nigeria Food And Drinks festival in the capital, Abuja. In Nigeria, food plays a vital role in festivals and ceremonial services such as naming ceremonies, marriages, anniversaries, festivals, etc.

Most Nigerian foods are rich in carbohydrates; therefore, they always come with stews and soups to add flavour and some spice to them. Apart from the satisfaction derived from Nigerian foods, some foods are also known to be medicinal in nature.

The Nigerian coat of Arms is adorned with green vegetation as a symbol of the abundance of food crops across Nigeria. So the next time you visit Nigeria, we challenge you to peruse and try one of the numerous local fast food outlets or restaurants and we can almost guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of the local delicacies.

The most common foods are:

Eba (made from cassava Flour)

Amala (yam flour)


Iyan (pounded yam)

Tuwo Shinkafa (mashed rice)

Dundun (fried potato)


Dodo (fried Plantain)


Nigerian stew recipes includes:

Ogbona Soup


Okra Soup





Ugwu vegetable Soup





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