How to reduce data usage on Android and iOS devices

Surfing the internet has become one of the most important part of our daily activities. The introduction of smartphones and mobile gadgets has made it easier than ever before to connect to the internet on the go. It does, however, come at a cost, and depending on your device and price plan, could potentially cost you a huge amount of money. This is largely attributed to the high cost attached to African mobile data plans for Android and iOS devices .

So how can you avoid high costs? Here are few tips to cut down or reduce the data usage on Android and iOS devices:

Download/Update only on WiFi – Prevent downloading and updating of apps while using your mobile data. This is the fastest way in which data is consumed, due to the fact that some apps are very large in size – measuring up to 1GB. So downloading or updating this kind of app can lead to the depletion of your whole mobile allowance for the month.

Disable Auto Update: This is a feature that allows apps to automatically update without the user’s prompting it, switching off this feature will save a lot of mobile data.

Disable all background running apps: When your device is switched on some apps that are not currently being used run in the background without users having to open it. The best way to prevent this is to disable all internet dependent apps that are not actively being used.

Set data alerts and limits: Use a data monitor or set up a data limit to a reasonable rate so that you get a notification when there is a high consumption of data on your phone.

Minimise Online Streaming: Reduce, or if possible prevent, online streaming of music and videos on your mobile data.

Use a Data Compressing Browser: Another great way of reducing data usage is by using a data compressing browser like Opera-Mini or the new version of Chrome browser which compresses data natively. You can also track your data usage via the Chrome settings menu to see exactly how much you have saved in a given time.

Turn off data when phone is not in Use: Always turn off your data when your phone is not in use, for example, it would be a good practice to always turn off your data at night while sleeping.

Properly Close Apps that are not currently in use: Always properly close internet dependent apps that are not currently in use, this is to prevent the apps from connecting to the internet thereby consuming your mobile data.

Those are our top tips for saving mobile data on your device, did we miss any? Leave us a comment and share your preferred method of cutting down on your data usage.