My experience at the Computer Village Lagos

Dubbed the “Computer Village,” the computer market in Ikeja is not only the biggest gadget market in Nigeria, but also one of the most popular markets on the African continent. Unlike other gadget markets, it is located in the heart of Ikeja (in the the capital, Lagos) and occupies a large expanse of land, featuring different top stores in Nigeria, big plazas and many mobile gadget shops. It comprises of thousands of small roadside stores and larger retail stores like Slot, Parktel Online, Ringo Online, Blessing Computers, PTV Phones, Computer Village Mart, Parkway Computers, Regal Buyer and more.

I’ve often heard the saying, “There are no computer brands or products that you can’t find in Computer Village”.

On Saturday 5th April 2014, I decided to visit this much talked about gadgets market to see what all the hype was about. The market was visibly busy and business transactions could be seen from the moment you step into this vast market and along every step of the way.

Every merchant tries to convince you to buy from their many available products in every nook and cranny of the market. It truly is the home of all Computers and Electronic devices, ranging from Laptops, Desktop PCs, Computer Software, Hardware, Cellphones, Tablets, Printers, Network accessories and much more.

I wanted to buy the newly released Nokia X Android smartphone. After visiting several stores and getting several offers, I became confused. I had no insight on the “where to buy” and “how to get the best deal” aspect of my purchase, and found it hard to make a decision. I then reached for my cell phone, and did a quick search on PriceCheck’s site for the Nokia X. I found 15 offers, did a quick comparison and I chose an offer that suited my budget. Once again, PriceCheck saved the day!

If you ever visit the infamous Computer Village, keep your cell phone at hand, so that you can browse and compare the prices on PriceCheck, too.