Safety Precautions During the World Cup

The World cup is finally here, and with so much excitement in the air, it would be a good practice to enjoy the moments while still staying safe and sound. It has been known that during this period there are lots of injuries that could have been prevented. So here are simple safety precautions to keep you safe during the world cup tournament, wherever you are watching:

1. Don’t scream: Be mindful of the way you shout or scream, this could damage your voice box
2. Maintain good ventilation: Make sure there is enough ventilation in the hall or room where you are watching the match
3. Turn off ceiling fan: Always turn off the ceiling fan before the start of the game, the reason for this is that during the match, you could get carried away, jump while celebrating a goal, which could inflict serious injuries.
4. Plan: Always plan your activities for the day before the commencement of the match, this is to prevent pressure which could lead to stress
5. Obey speed limit: Do not  speed in order to catch a live match, obey all speed limits and drive safely
6. Limit Arguments: Prevent or limit sports argument with friends, colleagues or neighbours over world cup related issues, as sometimes these arguments can become physical
7. Drink lots of water: Drink at least a glass of water before the match to prevent dehydration during the match
8. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption: Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol and drinks
9. Keep the children safe: Keep little children out of reach in a safe and quiet place during each match, shouts of jubilation during the match may cause them to panic
10. Be cautious: Be careful and cautious when watching matches in a public place, to prevent danger of being robbed, pick pocketed or injured
11. Eat light: Do not eat peppery food or foods that you could choke on while watching matches.
12. Stay healthy: If you have any health related issue or high blood pressure, you may want to prevent watching matches that could lead to any health attack
13. Walk away from a troubled area: If there is an argument that could lead to physical combat, or if there is a fight or riot it is always better to keep quiet, stay away from the troubled environment or stay indoors
14. Clear all obstacles: Clear your surroundings of any obstacles which could get damaged easily or inflict injury on any person before the matches
15. Stay prepared: Get a first aid box in case of injury
16. Turn on the light: If the match is being played at night, make sure there is proper lighting in the room to allow for better visibility
17. Don’t drink and drive: Do not drink and drive, you could harm yourself or someone if anything goes wrong
18. Obey all traffic rules: Obey all traffic rules while driving, and do not hesitate to call the attention of the traffic warden to any irregularities
19. Stay alert: Be watchful of any passers-by while driving, in case someone is running in/off the street in jubilation
20. Call emergency: Don’t hesitate to call the emergency numbers in case of any emergency or incident

Hope you all stay safe during this period and if you have comments, reservations or opinions, kindly leave them below.