Motorola’s brand new product range

It wasn’t long ago when Google bought Motorola, injected some gusto into the flailing household tech name, before selling it on to Lenovo. Post-Google Motorola saw significant success with their flagship device, the Moto X last year, but more notably the budget Moto G. Buy aiming to provide high quality hard- and software at affordable prices, Motorola found the golden formula it would seem. Undoubtedly taking a leaf out of Google’s Nexus program, the blend of latest software and budget, yet capable, hardware seems to continue with this year’s brand new Motorola products, including the almost fabled Moto360 smartwatch.

Let’s have a quick look at what is new…

Moto X

The new Moto X has been one of the most anticipated Android devices of the year, and I have to admit, the hardware looks amazing. The screen got a size increase to the seemingly new standard of 5.2-inches, the bezels are now made from aluminium. The internals also got a nice upgrade and if you’re looking at buying a device cash, for $500 (US), the Moto X makes a very compelling argument. Running on a slightly tweaked version of Android, Motorola have been amazing at rolling out system updates to their range over the past year, often beating Google’s own Nexus 4 to it. The camera has gotten some love as well, and honestly, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these devices.

Moto 360

The smartwatch to end all smartwatches they said, the only one with a gorgeous round face like a real watch, they said. And then it launched and it seems as though initial reports are pretty mixed when it comes to battery life and performance, but the hardware has drawn universal plaudits.

Moto G

The bestselling Motorola device of all time has also been refreshed, with a bigger screen, better processor, improved camera and still “miniscule” price tag of sub-$200. The Moto G is for everyone, it’s affordable, always up to date with the latest version of Android and judging by the popularity of last year’s model, this year’s device is sure to follow suit as it’s only improved.

Moto Hint

The Moto Hint is the one device that I don’t think anyone was expecting, but tech companies always tend to hold a few cards close to their chests before launch days. According to Motorola, “It gives you complete control of your phone and allows you to access everything you need by just using your voice. When paired with your Moto X, you can ask questions like “What’s today’s forecast?” or get turn by turn navigation directions, all without touching or even looking at your phone.”

All in all I think that Motorola did a great job with their new products and now we look to the competition to see who comes out on top after this year’s annual “upgrade” season. Apple is up next with the release of their new iPhone and Google will probably follow suit at the end of October. Keep an eye on our blog as I will share the news as soon as I have it, right here.