November’s New Merchants on PriceCheck

As the year winds down into the holiday season, we are continuing to sign up new shops to make your shopping experiences even better. Here are the new shops we signed up in November that are now active on PriceCheck.

Nicole & Giovanni – Specialising in socks, you can find some very stylish designs in a variety of colours to spice up your sock collection.

Pawiny Global Communication – Find all of your software and hardware needs met at this one-stop technology shop. From smartphones to operating systems, Pawiny has you covered.

House of Lunettes – Find the perfect pair of sunglasses from House of Lunettes this season. With both men’s and women’s styles on offer, finding the right sunglasses is easy with our lastest sunglass merchant.

LaurelPlace – Hair extensions, wigs, and numerous hair care products is what LaurelPlace specialises in, find your new look, regardless of what it is, from one of our brand new merchants.

Ink Mart – Printing can be a real headache, but not when you use Ink Mart for all of your printing needs. From printers to toners, you are sure to find all your printing requirements met by Ink Mart.

Femtech – As electronics become increasingly important tools in modern society, having retailers that keep you, our shoppers, up to date with the latest and greatest in tech is vital. That’s why we’ve signed up Femtech, who has what you need, at a price that suits your budget.

Kemadamian – Are you looking for shoes, bags, hair extensions, phones or a new watch? One of our new merchants, Kemadamian, specialises in exactly that.

Samsung Experience Store – Samsung is without a doubt one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, and you can find all things Samsung on PriceCheck with the help of the Samsung Experience Store.

Computer Village Trade – Sell used goods, find new goods, buy cameras, computers, smartphones, laptops and much more from one of the newest members of the PriceCheck family.

Ritelink Technologies – Find desktops, laptops, printers, software and accessories from Ritelink’s listings on PriceCheck. An all-in-one technology shop that provides what you want at a price that suits your budget.

Those are our latest stores that are now available on PriceCheck. If you’re a merchant and want to know how to get listed on PriceCheck as well, simply get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through it. Alternatively, you can head here and follow the prompts online.