Purchasing Power in the Face of Naira Devaluation

Even on days when I’m broke, I enjoy the thrills and fun of walking around the mall in the company of my friends, as we shamelessly feast our eyes on the beautiful items on display. What else would we be drooling over if not the beautiful strappy sandals that aid our vain display of freshly pedicured feet adorned with brightly coloured nail varnish?

The month is almost ending, so here we are, feeding our insatiable want for goodies, as good as they come, then it hits you that ’Tito may not be able to plan a birthday party as big as she initially set out to have, and as much as we love the things we saw in the stores: clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes….we may just have to let some things off our pending list.

There will be no slash in our end-of-month package, but thanks to Naira devaluation, what used to be just passably enough, may not give room for even the tiniest self-pampering and reward, indulgences and splurges, which we enjoy at month ends.

There is a bigger picture however, one in which I see clearly, that this period will cost money. Money not just for personal pleasures, but for that which fuels the love ties that keeps us going on: family, friends, and protégées. Major festivities, random purchases, and of course, far- off it may seem but Easter is looming as well.  Thirty-four days more and voila, it’s Easter shopping time.

We may not have the tradition of Easter bunnies and egg painting but in the Nigerian style, you know we represent by shopping. Even in the wake of the wait for Easters arrival, there’s the fear “will what is available be enough, to provide the needs, even as our wants are overlooked?”

There’s a popular belief that no matter what the situation in the jungle is, the lion will never eat grass. Invariably, all the good things we need, we can still get with wise-choice techniques and calculative financial moves, which hold the power to keep us afloat above our unpleasant economic hassles.

I love the good things in life, and I am surrounded by people who reward themselves beautifully even amidst complaints by people who have not learnt the ropes and rules of weathering the tides. Much as I would love to, I have not enjoyed any increase in recent times on my take home package, but I keep afloat simply because there’s always a better bargain for every item available on the rack. When I say every item, I mean even that item that is right on your mind. It would please me if you rather spend your money on being sharp. It is time to start taking the smart route.