Stop the frustration: Organise your life with PriceCheck

Stop the frustration: Organise your life with PriceCheck

As a working professional, you should know by now that nine business hours in a day is sometimes not enough. What is even worse, is not having the right office supplies that cause you to constantly root around your desk for a single pen.

We all know that there are plenty office essentials to invest in, but how do they tend to your office needs?


A single pen can be one of the most difficult things to find, and if your workspace is a mess, you may spend hours searching for something, ANYTHING to sign important documents or notarise key points in your boss’s daily meetings.

If this is you, A-Stationary pen pot is the best solution and will save countless frustrating moments during your daily search. Apart from storing your pens within reach, a blue, lime green, orange or pink pen pot will brighten your desk, keep it neat and hopefully increase workflow.

Available from one store for ₦500.


The right office supplies mean you will have enough time to focus on work without worrying about other things. When you decide on office paper you have to consider the size based on office needs and uses of paper. Paperline Office Paper A4 is perfect for a wide range of documents which may mean that you have to buy it in bulk in order to have enough for daily use.

Pick a box up today for ₦1170.


OFFICE Coloured Paper Clips (₦90) can save you a lot of stress when it comes to attaching important documents.

The great thing about these colourful paper clips is that in a box there are 100 pieces and you will only need one when attaching documents, another advantage is that they are reusable.


The use of technology makes running a business or completing tasks easily, meaning that your desk should have a computer screen like this HP Pavilion 27xw 27 inch IPS Led Backlit Monitor for ₦ 91 500.




A printer is also an essential office supply unless you enjoy running back and forth when you have documents to print. The HP Laserjet Pro M435nw Multifunction Printer (₦322 999) together with the HP 60 tricolour original ink cartridge (₦3350) could ease the printing tasks in your office.

When shopping for an ink cartridge, it is important to know printer make and model as well as cartridge compatibility.


Diarise everything that has to be done from an important business meeting with a Business Manger Diary.

Pick one up today for ₦3000.


Keep a record of things like business partnership agreements, employment contracts and invoices for future references with the Arch Lever File for only ₦360 per file.

Most people hate filing because “ it is boring and takes time” but it has to be done. If there are documents piling up on your desk you will struggle to keep them safe and anyone can have access to confidential information. Labelling files will make it easy to find them when they are needed.




An Office Cabinet with drawers is ideal for storing files alphabetically or according to filing date. As much as everything can be stored in computers, sometimes a backup plan in print can save the day. Pick one up today for ₦35 000.