Baby care essentials

Baby care essentials

Babies don’t come with manuals and the best baby care solution is to have everything that your baby will need. But how do you know what to buy and what not to buy when you are a first-time parent?

Let PriceCheck let you in on some of the most important products to have by your side before and after your baby arrives.

Nappies and wipes

Everyone knows that babies wear nappies but not everyone knows just how much you need and that size matters. If you don’t know your baby’s size you may end up buying small or big nappies that will not fit the baby or buy few nappies that will not be enough for infant’s frequent nappy changing. Diapers size is determined by a baby’s weight.

These Mamia New Born Nappies for ₦2650 are size 2 which is perfect for babies weighing 2-6kg/ 6-13lbs and they are 44 in a pack.

Another size 2 nappies of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Plus is designed for babies weighing 5-8 kg/12-18lbs. These ones are 228 in a pack for ₦17,000.00. The two nappies are the same size, but they are designed for babies with different body masses.

When it comes to wipes don’t just but scented wipes because you like how they smell. Before you buy scented wipes make sure that your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin.

Sometimes baby’s skin reacts to the fragrance used in wipes if that’s the case with your baby, use only unscented wipes like these Huggies Pure Baby Wipes for ₦ 825.

Skin care

It goes without saying, babies soft skin needs to be handled with care and most baby product indicate a mild and gentle nature.

Johnsons Baby Soap Lotion is said to be clinically proven to be mild and gentle on baby’s skin and has been tested against all common allergies. Buy a value-pack of four soap bars for ₦1900.

After a soothing and relaxing bath treat your baby’s skin with Johnson’s Baby Lotion the mild and gentle lotion cost ₦2500. This wonderfully smelling lotion comes in a 500ml that is sure to last you for a while.

What do I feed my baby?

Most doctors advise mothers to breastfeed, but not all mothers do for a variety of reasons and in such cases there are options like Cow & Gate Baby First Infant Milk New Born. For a 900 gram containerofmilk formula, expect to pay ₦4370.

From four months of age you can start feeding your little one more solid food such as Cow & Gate Baby Balance Jar for four to sixmontholds and is priced at ₦340 for a 125 gram jar.

Another great option when it comes to baby feeding is cereal that you can mix with formula or breast milk. This fruity Heinz Breakfast Sunrise Banana Cereal is perfect as a baby’s first meal of the day.

It is better to wait until your baby is around six months before introducing solid foods like eggs, potatoes and soups and be sure to consult your doctor in case your child has allergies.