Buy Proudly Nigerian Products To Grow Our Country

Buy Proudly Nigerian Products To Grow Our Country

How many “Made-in-Nigeria” products have you purchased recently? Given the weak value of the Naira of late, campaigns like #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira have called for Nigerians to start supporting more local brands.

From luxury SUVs to breakfast cereals, there are a wide variety of home-grown items to choose from at the same quality you are used to. What’s more, these products are usually sold at a very affordable price compared to their imported equivalents.

So the next time you are considering making a purchase – big or small – stop to think if it’s been made by Nigerians. This will not only help your country’s economy but also allow you to make some savings at the same time.

Did You Know These Products Are Proudly Nigerian? 



Innoson Motors declare themselves the “1st made-in-Africa automobile brand created to eradicate tokunbo (foreign used) cars from Africa”. While they may import roughly 30% of their parts from Europe and Asia, their vehicles are completely assembled in Nigeria, which is a good start.

Offering the highest performance and safety standards, Innoson also specially design and engineer their product line with West Africa’s rough road conditions in mind. And all this for a competitive price – it would seem a test drive is definitely in order.

Perhaps you’re not after a new car right now, but you may be looking for some car parts or accessories?

Traditional Clothing

While Nigerians may love luxury Italian brands like Versace and Armani, there are plenty of local designers making high-quality clothing and accessories with locally sourced materials.

This is especially true when it comes to men’s traditional attire from the likes of Kola Kuddus and Avinni. Another fashion-forward brand is Jay Osbie which makes trendy casual wear, fine suits and traditional clothing that has been styled up and re-thought for the modern man.

Avinni   Jay Osbie

Dashiki tops were big in the ‘60s and ‘70s and have recently made a resurgence as a popular unisex fashion choice. Similarly, while the Agbada robe was once viewed as a style of dress reserved for men, more and more women are now wearing these to make a bold fashion statement. At your next formal event ladies, simply pair your agbada with high heels and a Gele head tie – another must-have accessory for any proud Nigerian woman.


In warmer climates people tend to prefer open toe shoes and that’s no different in Nigeria with traditional “pam” slippers being the go-to footwear. What’s great about these sandals is that they can complement both casual and formal looks. Support your fellow countryman and look for a slipper that’s been handmade, and preferably one that features embroidering or a traditional print.

Why not see if your next outfit can be completely #MadeInNigeria? Besides, when have you ever seen the Italians making traditional caps like these?


Star Lager 2   Star Lager 1

The volume of alcohol consumed in Nigeria is said to be one of the highest in Africa, which means that it is a major source of jobs and revenue for the country.

While you may enjoy international favourites like Heineken or Guinness, there is no doubt that Nigerian Breweries produces some of the most popular beers and non-alcoholic drinks in the country. Its flagship beer is Star Lager which was launched in the ‘40s and still maintains number one status amongst locals.



Instead of always grabbing a box of Kellogg’s and other imported breakfast cereals, why not support old favourites like Nasco. Their cornflakes are an affordable choice for every Nigerian household when compared to other brands. Best of all, this indigenous cereal has still maintained its unique taste, which anyone who grew up in Nigeria is sure to remember from their childhood.