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Launching or marketing an online store can be a very difficult task especially if you don’t have the money or the technical know-how to compete with companies that already have a strong online presence. Some of the biggest challenges online businesses face is getting traffic to their website, increasing their current traffic and converting traffic to sales. But an even greater task than ‘simply’ generating traffic or converting visitors to buyers, is creating a following of loyal or frequent online shoppers. Therefore to grow a successful online store, you have to understand the market which...
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e-Commerce evolution in Nigeria – Online Shopping and Price Comparison

Over the years, Nigeria has emerged as one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of internet penetration, e-commerce presence and online shopping. Population of one hundred and sixty million (160,000,000) people according to the 2006 population census Over forty five million (45,000,000) internet users Hundreds of online stores and growing by the day The introduction of e-commerce sites in Nigeria is like a revolution as Nigerians are becoming more trusting of online shopping and making e-commerce sites their preferred method of shopping.  e-Commerce and online shopping in Nigeria...
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