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Nokia puts the internet in your pocket for under ₦5600

With hopes to connect more of the world to the information superhighway, Nokia have just unveiled a sub-₦5600 device with internet connectivity. The Nokia 215 is not only one of the cheapest phones ever made, but it’s the cheapest internet connected device Nokia has ever made. The 215 will be preloaded with Opera Browser and Facebook Messenger, and will also be capable of running a variety of apps, including Twitter. You might be wondering how that is possible on a device with a 320 x 240 screen, a torch, radio and a mere 0.3 megapixel camera, as headlining features. Sure, this isn’t a device...
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My experience at the Computer Village Lagos

Dubbed the “Computer Village,” the computer market in Ikeja is not only the biggest gadget market in Nigeria, but also one of the most popular markets on the African continent. Unlike other gadget markets, it is located in the heart of Ikeja (in the the capital, Lagos) and occupies a large expanse of land, featuring different top stores in Nigeria, big plazas and many mobile gadget shops. It comprises of thousands of small roadside stores and larger retail stores like Slot, Parktel Online, Ringo Online, Blessing Computers, PTV Phones, Computer Village Mart, Parkway Computers, Regal Buyer and...
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