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10 Foods To Help Break Your Fast During Ramadan

Ramadan is here again, it the time when Muslims all around the world set aside to fast, pray and maintain a holy life. During these periods, observers abstain from food within specific  hours of the day (between sunrise and sunset) between 5am in the morning till around 7pm in the evening. It would be good practice while fasting, to keep both the mind and the body in top condition. During fasting the body usually undergoes several metabolic and biological changes which requires some precautions taken before breaking a fast. Here are some of the precautions. First of all avoid taking heavy foods or...
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Launching or marketing an online store can be a very difficult task especially if you don’t have the money or the technical know-how to compete with companies that already have a strong online presence. Some of the biggest challenges online businesses face is getting traffic to their website, increasing their current traffic and converting traffic to sales. But an even greater task than ‘simply’ generating traffic or converting visitors to buyers, is creating a following of loyal or frequent online shoppers. Therefore to grow a successful online store, you have to understand the market which...
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